Visit Colca Canyon and the Amazing Nazca Lines

Peru is an amazing and diverse country, packed with inspiring and fascinating destinations including a few of the world’s most famous ecological wonders and also archeological sites. Two of these locations with a particular relevance are the Colca Canyon and the Nazca Lines. These are well-liked travelers locations because their closeness to very important cities of Peru.

Colca is simply a few hours from Peru’s second city of Arequipa, and the Nazca lines are a few hours to the south of Lima city. This makes them both easily accessible as well as hassle-free places to go to throughout a brief week or ten days outing. We have to recommend you to spend good time at both places to get a genuine understanding of the country’s astonishing ecological and cultural heritage.

Visit Colca Canyon

Said to match the Grand Canyon in the United States, Colca Canyon deserves going to for its gorgeous landscapes as well as for the opportunity of seeing an Andean condor, the bird with the largest wingspan in the Western Hemisphere. Along with the condor, there are many various other birds and also animal species that found their habitat in the Colca Canyon. In many destinations of Peru, you will see environments that are very special.

If you allow are taking one of our tours from Puno, it is possible we can make plans for you to visit Colca Canyon and from there to Arequipa. Definitely we will include a visit to the hot springs in the Chivay town and also you’ll visit the place where condors can be frequently seen while we are getting back to Arequipa.

An additional option for your tour is to go to Arequipa straight from Puno and begin your tour in Arequipa. In addition of the typical two days tour with an overnight in Chivay, it’s likewise possible to select a trekking tour in the canyon for those that prefer a much more active experience. Generally, the trekking tours will be on offer for two or three days. Finally if you like mountain biking or river rafting, we can also arrange a tour for those activities.

Visit Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are something that is really one-of-a-kind in Peru. These are gigantic geoglyphs in the desert. While geoglyphs exist in other locations of the globe, these are uncommon in the size, quantity and superiority of the figures. The figures were made by removing the colored sand and gravel on the surface of the desert to disclose the lighter colored rock below.

Some of the drawings, regarding 70 in total, characterize various birds and also animals including the hummingbird, monkey and spider. Trees, plants and flowers are also exemplified, also a few of the typical objects of the period such as looms. The other drawings are of geometric designs like rectangles, triangles, spirals and more. One of the most exciting aspect of these geoglyphs is that they are unable to be viewed other than from above. If you can really see the amazing of the Nazca Lines, we can arrange for you an overflight tour to see the lines.

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