Luxury Peru Travel a Wonderful Way to Know Peru

Luxury travel isn’t really something we consistently associate with South America, but thanks to the private investment in Peru, there are new and modern facilities that indicate you can have an exceptional experience. The growth that has lasted greater than a decade has left Peru on the eyes of the world is somewhere for everybody to enjoy.

A great place to see this behavior is Lima, the City of Kings, whose economic sense has been on the growth for years and where several of the finest hotels, restaurants as well as other amenities in all of South America can be located.

With almost everybody beginning and also ending their luxury Peru travel in Lima city, there is a wonderful chance of hanging out there for activities at some phase. With delays feasible in Peru, this is often something that can happen at the end of your tour. Although it isn’t usual, it does take place that such things as weather conditions could create flight delays, for instance, which could consequently keep you from getting back to Lima when initially planned. Giving yourself additional time at the end of your travel plan can assist you stay away from missing international flights.

As it is a large contemporary city, Lima has plenty to offers regarding to luxury accommodations. Among them are Miraflores Park Hotel, Country Club Lima Hotel, JW Marriott and also, as in Cusco, there is also a Libertador Hotel and Casa Andina Private Collection. The Libertador and also Country Club Lima are located in San Isidro which some travelers feel is less convenient compared to being in Miraflores which is a better location for walking around, shopping and also dining out. These are some of the luxury hotels we can include in your luxury Peru travel. Anyway if you’re trying to find something much more intimate, just ask our team and they will help you to find the appropriate accommodation for you.

Gastronomy In Your Luxury Peru Travel

Without doubt, you can’t have a luxury Peru travel without a great dining. With a brand-new tagline for Lima that claims it’s the “Gastronomic Capital of the Americas” there is no way that you can visit Peru without having a taste of the thrills that are offered here. All hotels we mentioned here have at least one fabulous dining establishment on the properties. There are also many fine restaurants Lima of course we have to mention Astrid y Gaston, La Tiendecita Blanca, Huaca Pucllana and others. Gaston Acurio is one of the most popular chefs in Peru, so you can be sure that we will include a dining out in one of his restaurants in your luxury Peru travel.

For a mix of past and also a fantastic dining experience, there is the Casa de Aliaga. Built in the 16th century, it was almost entirely destroyed by the earthquake in the 18th century. Totally restored in the in the 19th century the mansion has a unique style that is tough to replicate.

There are a lot of ways to visit Peru and taking a luxury Peru travel is something that is coming to be significantly preferred. Peruvian Connection invites you to see how a luxury Peru travel could be closer than you imagine.

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