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Travel Resources

All our destination specialists have the experience and how-how to help you arrange every detail of your trip, nevertheless some visitors enjoy doing a slightly research on their own. This page includes some useful links created to assist you do precisely that.

Travel Safety

Peruvian Connection takes all reasonable procedures to guarantee your safety and satisfaction while taking a trip with us. The objective of this information is to offer you an insight into procedures you might further enhance your very own personal safety while abroad.

Personal Travel Safety
Safety and Destination Updates

Travel Health

The amazing experience of travel could frequently be interrupted by the inconvenience of getting sick as you adjust to new environments, living styles and cultures. Consequently, we’ve assembled a helpful guide on how to stay healthy while you take a trip.

It’s essential that you receive the most accurate and updated travel health information of the destination you will go to visit. The only professional qualified to provide you with these recommendations are your family physician or an expert from a Travel Health facility.

We’ve here some links to the most appropriate websites which contain excellent information related to health issues when you trip. Nonetheless these web sites are no substitute for a personal diagnose with a qualified physician.

World Health Organization
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Public Health Agency of Canada
MD Travel Health

Travel Insurance

Unexpected events can take place when you’re taking a trip; generally those events are totally out of your control, so travel insurance can be very helpful. Bearing in mind the unpredictable nature, distant destinations and encountered conditions on many of our tours, it is vital to have trip medical insurance coverage, and also the trip cancellation insurance is highly advised. If you’re willing to spend your hard-earned money to enjoy your vacation, why not invest a little more to secure it?