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Why Travel With Us?

We’re True Experts

We are a professional travel company, focused on amazing Peruvian destinations. Our destination specialists know these sites comprehensive and personally from living, operating and traveling in them, and they use that vast experience to make a flawless itinerary for you. Our company is operating since 2008 and has many pleased customers.

We Offer the Best of Local Culture in Peru

We choose our hotels carefully, as well as the outfitters, and English-speaking local guides to make sure that they represent the top of what the local culture has to offer. In accommodations, we have a preference for first class, small regionally influenced hotels and boutique hotels. We comprehend the value of having great guides during your visit; most of our passengers tell us that the experience of our local guides made their tour really extraordinary. Our private guides provide you absolute flexibility to change the itinerary on the ground if needed, so you can take advantage most of your time and have a genuine travel experience.

First Class Customization with No Extra Cost

We design each itinerary carefully with a personalized style, based on a previous dialogue with you about your requirements and places you want to visit. We won’t charge you any extra cost for personalizing your itinerary, no matter the number of times you want to alter it. We can change the itinerary according your interests, intensity of activities, and budget, as much as you wish. Our customized suggestions in hotels, restaurants and activities are totally updated and offer the best comfort for you while visiting Peru.

We Truly Care in the Interest of Our Passengers

We are very careful when design your itinerary. As an example, we will not put you into a larger, less appealing hotel simply because our company knows it’s a hotel that will certainly have available rooms and it will be less complicated for us to book you there. If the smaller, but more interesting hotel or lodge does not have a room at the time you make your reservation, we will place you on a waiting list and will do everything we can to make sure you can stay at that hotel. Most of the time, we achieve our passengers stay in our recommended hotels as a result of perseverance and connections.

Great Customer Reviews

The main reason why you can locate many favorable testimonials about us online is because we offer a professional level of services that is further than the regular services and we do everything possible to make sure that all our clients go back home completely satisfied with the visited places and services we provided to all of them.

Value Guarantee

We guarantee that you won’t find a tour with the same category of hotels and services for a better price. But if you do, please let us know and we will refund the difference to you. Anyway you will see that a private itinerary is not as expensive as you imagine. Our privately guided tours are priced far better in comparison to many luxury group trips.

Personal Assistance

You’ll have 24/7 assistance while you stay in Peru during your trip, including 24 hour emergency numbers in all places.

Environmental Responsibility

One of our major objectives is to help and preserve the ecological places in the destinations we go to. We work with local suppliers with a strong environmental responsibility. We promote low impact and small scale tourism that respects local cultures and the native environment.

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