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About Us

Throughout our company’s background we have always made all our efforts to supply the finest as well as most authentic travel experiences in Peru. Since 2010 we have actually experienced discovering new destinations, designing creative routes, working with Andean communities, and pleasing thousands of travelers around the globe, we can state that we take pride in our success.

Peruvian Connection is not limited to organizing expeditions and booking hotels; our commitment to you extends much yet, to ensuring that you experience a real connection with the true essence of the Peruvian culture.

And how can we achieve this?

Peruvian Connection’s crew of local staff is passionate regarding our country, and we have actually dedicated our lives to explore Peru, particularly the most remote areas. In this process, we have had the ability to appreciate Peru from a various viewpoint, rooted in the huge historical as well as cultural heritage bequeathed by our ancestors. Peru is a country that has it all, and you too will certainly be impressed by the breathtaking views, arising from its special geography. Most importantly, we have actually managed to reconnect with Peru’s native cultures specifically the Andean and jungle communities that represent a fusion between present and past, as well as are the essence of Peruvian distinctiveness. All this knowledge and also love for Peru is that we want to share to you.

We arrange your journey to Peru to be remarkable, a trip that will allow you to travel back in time to uncover the true essence of Peru, its history, culture, art and nature. It will be a journey where you will discover places you never ever pictured, which just exist in Peru.

We have developed outstanding routes for you, and also created exceptional experiences with destinations that are off the beaten path and that only Peruvian Connection can offer. Our unmatched logistics team and partner companies provide access to the very best resorts and hotels throughout Peru. Our exceptional tour guides will go the extra mile for you, guaranteeing that you feel at home, while our crew will care of all the details of your journey.

We welcome you to join our crew and begin to imagine the places that only Peruvian Connection can take you.

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