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How much flexibility is there in the itinerary?2018-03-18T18:11:23-05:00

Throughout all our traveling itineraries designs, we have actually built in choices and also spare time where feasible to ensure that you can experience a location and its people in such a way that’s significant to you. By their nature, some trip kinds supply more versatility and free time. As an example, exclusive expeditions balance guided tours and planned activities with time to discover by yourself, and also Peruvian Connection Journeys have extra spare time and also options built into many days, so you could select exactly what kind of dining establishment you would certainly such as or just what local sites are most interesting to you. On our small ship voyages, we maintain our itineraries flexible to take advantage of unexpected opportunities or to adjust to weather conditions or other scenarios. If you have an interest in exploring further, a lot of our explorations provide pre or post trip extensions. We can additionally assist you if you would like to extend your stay at the start or end of a trip.

How do the Peruvian Connection Expeditions, Active Explorations, and Journeys trip style differ from one to another?2018-02-04T15:38:24-05:00

Peruvian Connection Expeditions are our front runner journeys as well as are developed to mirror our visitors’ broad variety of interests. Expeditions are led by our travel experts, and feature world-class accommodations and experiences. All activities and meals are included in the expedition cost, which ranges from $4,000 to $12,000 each.

Peruvian Connection Active Explorations combine spectacular locations, physical challenge, and social interaction. Each journey has actually a designated activity level, from easy to highly challenge, so our visitors can choose accordance with their skills. Journeys are limited to 16 visitors, led by an experienced adventure guide, and generally include stays at stunning hotels and small inns. All activities and meals are included in the journey price, which varies from $3,000 to $7,000 each.

Peruvian Connection Journeys are our latest line of trips. They mix enjoyable, hands-on exploration with meaningful encounters with inhabitants of communities, interactions with experiences local guides, and more leisure time as well as choices. Limited to 16 visitors in most cases, these trips are lower-priced and also include stays at mid-range hotels and small inns. All activities and meals are included in the tour cost, which ranges from $1,400 to $3,000 each.

What kind of pace can I expect on a Peruvian Connection Tour?2018-03-18T18:12:38-05:00

Our itineraries are designed to offer you full active days with a lot of chances to experience each place from an insider’s viewpoint, whether that suggests running into wildlife, finding out about different cultures and environments, or sharing local customs. Pace and also physical activity level vary by tour and also by travel style. Peruvian Connection offers you alternative activities when possible, which include trekking, kayaking, or horseback riding on some days. To learn more about the pace of specific tour, please check the tour plan. Where applicable, we’ve added extra notes about the activity level or physical needs in a “What to Expect” section on the tour itinerary page. If you are uncertain about the level of activity of a particular travel plan, please call us at +51 984 770 737.

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