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The mysterious peaks of the Andes Highlands envelop Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas, once believed to be only a myth. Caral and the royal tomb of Sipan and other Peruvian archaeological sites, are the evidence of the early dwellers of Peru. Fascinating mysteries continue to be unresolved such as the famous Nazca Lines or the amazing Kuelap fortress a magnificent built in the middle of the jungle. Peru shares with Bolivia the world’s highest navigable body of water, Lake Titicaca. Other Peruvian treasures feature the Amazon rainforest of the upper Amazon River; and of course we have to mention the Colca Canyon, with depths of 11,000 feet, making it twice deeper than the Grand Canyon. Many of Peru’s ancient cultures and traditions are still marvelously alive in communities such as Pisaq, Willoq, and the floating islands of the Uros culture, where families live today as their ancestors did. As you can see Peru has a lot of amazing places to visit, no matter if you are hiking the Inca Trail, walking the narrow streets of the colonial Cusco, or boating and visiting the most remote Amazonian communities, a Peru tour is rather like an exceptional gourmet feast, where every bite feels better than the last one.

Machu Picchu Peru Tours

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Our tours to Peru will help you learn more about this exceptional country. You’ll love the finest local hotels, precisely selected to show you the best Peru has to offer, no matter if you prefer a typical B&B style, a stylish boutique hotel, an outstanding jungle lodge in the Amazon, or a combination of all of the above.

On our tours your guide will be happy to detour and make spontaneous changes to the travel plan to help make the most of your time. Considering that our tours are in private, you’ll have the type of complete flexibility that helps make trips exceptional and unforgettable. We are very careful to create itineraries that fit to our passengers’ interests; simply let us know if you want more free time for you, or want to include additional nights in a specific destination, or maybe you want a custom-made itinerary just for you.

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Fernando made the trip to Machu Picchu more spectacular than it could have been. He is very special, the best!!! We left Peru with a truly wonderful experience. Hope next year we can take the Amazon rainforest tour.


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