Highlights of the Magic Colca Canyon

The south of Peru is a wonderful place to visit, and the Colca Canyon features some of the deepest canyons that you can see around the world. A trip destination that is well-liked with day visitors and adventure seekers alike, although you can’t believe it, there are canyons that make the Grand Canyon look tiny and the lodges and hotels available are outstanding in comfort giving the Colca visitors a fantastic place to explore and trek the canyon.

The canyon area is dotted with ancient communities and towns where native people have actually lived for many years, but its most well-known resident is the Andean Condor, one of the largest flying birds in the whole world.

After a journey to Arequipa; the Colca Canyon is a compelled destination you can’t miss it, even more being one of the deepest around the world. Additionally, there are a lot of fantastic views on offer, but there is also the possibility to see the Andean condor flying free. Not only does this bird have a notable wingspan of as much as three meters and a weight of 14 kilograms, one of the biggest birds that can fly and also had a sacred place in the ancient belief.

Alongside the drive to the canyon from Arequipa, you will go through a nationwide reserve where alpacas and vicuñas can be viewed running freely. In spite of the domestication of alpacas, the vicuñas are untamed. These camelids have been appreciated since the Inca times as giving the finest wool.

Most of our tours will offer you to stay a night in Chivay town where there are amazing warm springs to delight, here you can’t forget your swimsuit. Additionally in the morning, it is time to take a trip to the Cruz Del Condor; this is the leading lookout place for the possibility to view the impressive birds.
Although this is the typical 2 day tour from Arequipa, there are some other choices. If you are looking for a tour with intense connection with nature, then we can offer you a fantastic hiking tour through the Colca canyon. This is usually offered as a three-day hiking journey. Anyway if you want to take longer hikes, we can customize your tour according your requirements.

All our travelers do the Colca Canyon tour departing from and returning to Arequipa. That said, if your travel ideas also include the Lake Titicaca, then we can offer you one more choice. In this situation, we can arrange for you a private car tour that will take you between Arequipa and Puno (in either direction), passing through the canyon. Of course this might not be available for large groups.

Finally, take the advantage of contract the services of Peruvian Connection, our experience will guarantee you an unforgettable experience while visiting Peru, so you can care of the most important, you simply have to forget everything, relax and enjoy your tour.

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