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The city of Cusco is among Peru’s essential and also the most visited destinations, and for one justifiable reason, Cusco was the heart of the Inca Empire, a location where all the myth and also legend of ancient Andean cultures located their most noticeable and also long-lasting expressions. And that heritage is everywhere; in the city’s splendid archaeological sites and also the huge stone walls that continue to be standing to now, in the nearby communities that have been constantly populated for many centuries and in the faces of the Quechua speaking dwellers, people that have seen the Inca empire reoccur, while their society as well as customs continue to be as vivid as ever before.

However what exactly what you don’t read in the majority of guides, is that is not always well in this most popular of preferred traveler hotspots. Cusco is a city overrun with tourists, massing to experience the city’s spectacular architecture style as well as its closeness to Peru’s major destinations as Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Cusco is battling under the pressure of its very own attractiveness and also it is extremely crucial that visitors bear in mind their impact on the city, ambience and also culture that they are visiting. This covers the noticeable, aim to restrict your ecological influence as well as not intensify the city’s blockage problem when use taxis or small tour buses, also, ask prior to taking pictures to anybody with typical clothes and don’t be shocked if that person expects a one sol or two in return.

Additionally attempt to discover a little concerning the culture you’re visiting, prior to your arrive. Understand that Andean communities areas are traditionalist compared to Peruvians and visitors, most of the places you have to visit, are in fact deeply sacred places.

Peru Travel Guide and Cusco Highlights

The Plaza de Armas is Cusco’s old colonial style, controlled by the cathedral and other churches. The Cathedral and the Church of the Companion of Jesus are well worth a go to, particularly the Cathedral’s collection of art from the Cusco School, a merging of native and also European influences that stands for the cultural adaptation that happened following the conquest.

The archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman remain on a hill overlooking over the city and also are built of massive stone blocks as well as outstanding stronghold, making everybody presume the location was originally a military fortress. However current investigations have suggested that the site went to the very least as vital as a spiritual centre. In spite of this, the rugged pattern of the wall surfaces are still recognizable as the fearful jaguar teeth they intended to replicate.

The San Blas neighborhood, a couple of minutes of the Plaza de Armas, is the home to a warren of winding cobbled streets, small squares and colonial architecture. San Blas gets even more interesting at night when local bars come alive. Live music and typical drinks with Peruvian pisco are offered in all bars, they’re all good and you can try them for yourself.

Peru Travel Guide Tips

Cusco is a high altitude city. Around 3,300 meters high. That implies really slim air for us sea level inhabitants, which could take many days to getting used to. In fact, it’s recommended you visit some of Peru’s slightly lower sights first; Arequipa and the Sacred Valley are the best choices. If you fly right to Cusco from Lima, anticipate a minimum shade of soroche or altitude sickness which could produce sleepiness, headaches and vomiting. Do not overexert on your own and don’t overeat, as well as don’t hesitate to drink a coca leaf infusion, which really does help.

A lot of Cusco visitors feel forced to buy the boleto turistico (traveler ticket) which is needed for a lot of the city’s archaeological places and museums. The ticket is little expensive and although it is valid for ten days, the majority of Cusco visitors don’t end up getting its full value. Also the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman and most sights in the Sacred Valley are must see places and they are all included in the ticket, so the choice is yours.

This essential Peru travel guide was designed by a travel advisor of Peruvian Connections Tours and Expeditions. Do you still have questions? Need more details about Cusco and Peru? Please don’t hesitate and contact us, one of our expert travel advisor will design your itinerary according your needs.

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