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Ica is an attractive city located in the southerly part of Peru, in the middle of an environment-friendly valley bordered by the desert. This city sticks out thanks to its cozy environment, gorgeous white sand dunes as well as to a stunning oasis referred to as Huacachina. Here you can check out the environments of the oasis or opt for a ride with buggies out in the desert. The city of Ica likewise has among the very one of the best archaeological museums of Peru, The Regional Museum of Ica.

Ica’s fantastic environment, sunny and also completely dry all year round has actually made Ica the facility of an important farming area. Commodity crops are grapes, asparagus, olives and also other fruit and vegetables. Ica is known by Peruvian people as the Land of the Sun.

Ica features a growing wine and also Pisco market and of course you can’t miss a visit to traditional wineries found in the countryside and well-known for its Pisco, an intense liquor distilled from grapes that was made after the Spaniards arrived and takes its name from the seaport in the area.

Ica Highlights

The Huacachina Lagoon

This attractive oasis, located at 3 miles from Ica city, positioned in the desert and also surrounded by dunes, palms, huarangos (carob tree) and also stunning homes around the coast. Buggies and also Sandboarding has actually ended up being preferred on the sand dunes near Huacachina, a perfect area to take to the steep sandy slopes of the desert.

Regional Museum of Ica

It houses the remains of the old societies that established on the southerly coastline. The pre-Inca rooms show great textiles from the Paracas civilization, remarkable pieces from the Nazca culture, featuring amazing music tools as well as terrific images of the Nazca Lines. Here you can also see some fantastic weapons and wood carvings from the Warix Empire, Ica, Chincha and also Inca culture.

Ica Wineries

Ica is popular for its wine market. A lot of the wine as well as Pisco export of the country are produced on this place. There are three essential wineries in this zone, the Tacama, View Alegre and Ocucaje, which are well-respected wine merchants in Peru. Beyond the three industrial ones, there is additionally a cumulative of regarding 85 different tiny wineries called the Artisanal wineries. These wineries comply with a lot of old wine making customs, including squashing the grapes by foot.

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